Jerking Off On Soccer Ball

Sit back and enjoy the show as Brandon Cyler has his cock fully erect and hovering over top of his soccer ball.   Not sure what Brandon has against his ball, but he sure wants to cum all over it!   This video shows this gay boy really giving his dick a workout.   Thanks a lot to Boyfun for the movie.

So close to blowing his load all over the soccer ball, Brandon picks up the pace of his jerking off.    Orgasm is near!

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Brandon’s Smooth Gay Ass

Looking cute in his black t-shirt and blue jeans, gay boy Brandon Cyler is here and ready to have some fun.   He loves stripping, masturbating and fucking on camera.   Finds it a major turn on.  Especially knowing that so many guys out there are also jerking off him him.   In this post, we show you the sexy twink Brandon slowly stripping out of his blue jeans.   The end of the set at BFCollection features Brandon Cyler busting a nut all over the place.

Cute Brandon Cyler

Looking cute as ever is Brandon Cyler.  As good as he looks in clothes, I’d prefer to see him out of them!

Shirtless Brandon Cyler

Well thanks for listening to me Brandon!   Much better with your t-shirt off your smooth chest.   Now how about those boxers?

Brandon Cyler Ass

What a great looking pose!   Brandon straddles the chair while his jeans slide down past his ass.  Love the way that ass hangs over the edge of the chair.   Now I’m hard and ready to fuck the shit out of his gay ass!

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Brandon Masturbation Video

Who wants to watch Brandon Cyler masturbate on video?   I definitely do!   Brandon is so amped up and horny that he doesn’t even take the time to take off his shirt or pants.  He just whips out the cock and starts stroking away at the shaft.  His mushroom tip can barely contain the excitement any longer.   The load he shoots at the end of this Boyfun video is incredible.

Think you could handle this exotic gay boy?

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Brandon Fondles His Balls

Hey there Brandon Cyler, what do you have in store for us today?  A little ball fondle you say?   Well then I am down for that!  Before he rumbles his balls through his fingers, Brandon wants to show you his bare tight ass.  You could bounce a quarter off this twinks ass.   Follow along the full set from BFCollection as Brandon gets a good grip on his dick and he has no intention to let go until he releases his jizz reserve.

Brandon Cyler Boxers

Sitting in only his boxers, Brandon slides his hand down the front and starts to rub his cock shaft.

Brandon Cyler Tight Ass

Check out that ass.   Raise your free hand if you want to rip into that asshole.   Brandon Cyler would love it if you did.

Brandon Cyler Fondles Balls

Fondle those balls Brandon.   This boy knows what he likes, and he knows how to push all the right buttons.  Trust us, he also knows all the right buttons to push on his fuck buddies too.   Want to see him blow his load?  Then just download the full set.

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Brandon Cyler Gives Blowjob

Step inside and watch Brandon Cyler on his knees with a big thick cock deep inside his throat.  These 2 boys are not alone though, this full video is actually a foursome, and these gay boys are down to fuck.   The full video from Boyfun Collection is intense and cum flies all over the damn place by the time these horny boys are done.

Brandon works that dick hardcore in his mouth.   You have to see where the action goes from here.

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Brandon Cyler In Athletic Supporter

Tight twink Brandon Cyler is here today in only his athletic supporter.   His hard cock lays tucked in behind, ready for some love and attention.  All he needs is a guy to come service his member.    The best part of guys in athletic supporters is the way it shows off their asses.   And Brandon’s is tight.   Enjoy the rest of the set from BFCollection as Brandon ditches the athletic supporter and sends a cumshot from his cock.

Brandon Cyler Athletic Supporter

How cute is this brown eyed guy in his athletic supporter.   Any volunteers to take that jock strap down with their mouths?

Brandon Cyler Booty

Work that ass Brandon!   I am glad he turned to the camera to work that athletic supporter covered ass.

Brandon Cyler Jock Strap

What do I see that the bottom of this picture?  Yep its the tip of Brandon’s cock sticking out the side of his athletic supporter.   Follow along with the rest of the full set as he takes his hard cock out completely from the jock strap and busts a nut.

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Gay Shower Threesome

Well what do we have here?   Looks like Brandon Cyler jerking off in the shower while his two buddies blow each other.   In this video, Brandon stumbled upon a blowjob in progress and he couldn’t help but stay and masturbate to the great sight.  So turned on, Brandon ends up joining the boys in the action by the end of the full video at Boyfun Collection.

Want to join in the action and see these three boys enter into a marathon fuck session?

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Brandon Pulls Of Boxers

Dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a button down black shirt, Brandon is hear to to masturbate for you.   Fans of Brandon Cyler appreciate his petite body, big cock and pubic hair.   This guy doesn’t believe in shaved, and he definitely has left his bush fully in tact.   By the end of this set at BFCollection, Brandon will have taken off his boxers, stroked his cock, and blew a load onto his tummy.

Brandon Cyler

Brandon slowly unbuttons his shirt so we can enjoy the tease of seeing his smooth petite chest.

Brandon Cyler In Boxers

Brandon Cyler has ripped off his jeans and now is in only his boxers.   He can’t keep his hand off his cock, and who can blame him.

Naked Brandon Cyler

Petite twink Brandon Cyler has pulled off his boxers and is ready to jerk off for you.   You tell him which way to hold his cock, and he will do it.   Brandon is so turned on her can barely hold his load, and then all of a sudden, pop goes the weasel.

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Brandon Cyler Jerks Off On Soccer Ball

Exotic twink Brandon Cyler is looking cute in his t-shirt and shorts.   This gay porn actor is horny and wants to masturbate on camera for you.   He loves knowing so many people are watching him and masturbating to his body.   In this set from Boyfun, Brandon strips now butt ass naked and then strokes his hard cock.   Right as he is about to bust his nut, Brandon moves the soccer ball into place and boom, there goes the load.

Brandon Cyler

Brandon lifts up his t-shirt to show off the top of his jock strap.   That soccer ball is about to be used for something it never intended to be used for.

Brandon Cyler Jock Strap

Hiding under that athletic supporter is Brandon Cyler’s big cock.   His dick is about to be freed, so stand back.

Brandon Cyler Naked

Oh Brandon, why you being so coy!   I love his pubic hair though.  You don’t see it that thick these days.  Now that you teased us a little, can’t you please move that soccer ball out of the way?   Enjoy the rest of the set as Brandon rubs one out, and blows his load all over that soccer ball.

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