Brandon Cyler In Athletic Supporter

Tight twink Brandon Cyler is here today in only his athletic supporter.   His hard cock lays tucked in behind, ready for some love and attention.  All he needs is a guy to come service his member.    The best part of guys in athletic supporters is the way it shows off their asses.   And Brandon’s is tight.   Enjoy the rest of the set from BFCollection as Brandon ditches the athletic supporter and sends a cumshot from his cock.

Brandon Cyler Athletic Supporter

How cute is this brown eyed guy in his athletic supporter.   Any volunteers to take that jock strap down with their mouths?

Brandon Cyler Booty

Work that ass Brandon!   I am glad he turned to the camera to work that athletic supporter covered ass.

Brandon Cyler Jock Strap

What do I see that the bottom of this picture?  Yep its the tip of Brandon’s cock sticking out the side of his athletic supporter.   Follow along with the rest of the full set as he takes his hard cock out completely from the jock strap and busts a nut.

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