Brandon Cyler Jerks Off On Soccer Ball

Exotic twink Brandon Cyler is looking cute in his t-shirt and shorts.   This gay porn actor is horny and wants to masturbate on camera for you.   He loves knowing so many people are watching him and masturbating to his body.   In this set from Boyfun, Brandon strips now butt ass naked and then strokes his hard cock.   Right as he is about to bust his nut, Brandon moves the soccer ball into place and boom, there goes the load.

Brandon Cyler

Brandon lifts up his t-shirt to show off the top of his jock strap.   That soccer ball is about to be used for something it never intended to be used for.

Brandon Cyler Jock Strap

Hiding under that athletic supporter is Brandon Cyler’s big cock.   His dick is about to be freed, so stand back.

Brandon Cyler Naked

Oh Brandon, why you being so coy!   I love his pubic hair though.  You don’t see it that thick these days.  Now that you teased us a little, can’t you please move that soccer ball out of the way?   Enjoy the rest of the set as Brandon rubs one out, and blows his load all over that soccer ball.

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